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History Of Yeezy Boots

A partnership between Kanye West and Nike led to the creation of Yeezy. Since their release in 2009, the shoes have been regarded as highly exclusive footwear, limited to only a few thousand pieces. The most famous version of these early day Yeezys were the 2014 Red Octobers, which now sell on our official store “Yeezy Boots” for $190 to $500.

As a fashion designer, Kanye West was basically established with these original Yeezys. After disagreements over royalties and the future direction of the Yeezy brand, Kanye and Nike ended their partnership and moved to adidas.

Why Yeezys are So Expensive?

Yeezys are Kanye West’s shoes, which are made by the fashion designer. Kanye West is the only person who makes final decisions about the Yeezy’s design. Not only that, but he also participates actively in the creation of prototypes, designs, additions and deletions of elements. It is important to note that Kanye does not design the entire Yeezy from top to bottom by himself. You can purchase the Yeezy Boots online at a sale price.

In order to create an effective, high quality shoe, a lot of work and complicated science is required. In order to accomplish that, you need a team of designers who specialize in athletic shoe design, and adidas offers just that. Considering Kanye West’s pop music star status and a few scandals to spice things up, you might think this is weird. Despite that, Kanye has always had a strong passion for fashion and music was just a necessary detour on his way to the top.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350

The mere mention of Kanye West’s name is enough to create raffles, debates, and irrational levels of hype. There’s no difference between the 350 and the 350. A low-top version of West’s Boost 350 was released following his high-top 750 design released in February. On the basis of aesthetics alone, the shoe made a smooth transition for sneakerheads.

The 350 has received a lot of attention lately, but does all of that hype mean quality? In most cases, the answer depends on the person asking the question. The answer is yes, causally speaking. In addition to looking good, the Yeezy Boost 350 is lightweight thanks to its Primeknit upper.

It is the quality of the materials that causes the most problems. In a Complex article, Matt Welty describes how the shoes were falling apart for certain consumers as soon as they were released. We’ve been lucky not to have seen too much of that type of stuff, and wear tests have confirmed that. There is a lot of evidence to support the idea that the Yeezy Boost 350 is worth the investment. With its sleek design, comfortable Boost soles, and Primeknit upper, Adidas has been at the forefront of innovation for years.

Yeezy Desert Boots

adidas Yeezy is rumored to be preparing for the return of some of its past favorites, such as the “Core Red” and “Oreo” Yeezy Boost 350s. The Yeezy 500 is also returning this weekend in one of its most beloved colorways, which is not surprising. As surprising as this may seem, Yeezy Desert Boots follow not far behind, dressing in “Rock” as they did in 2019.

There has been a lot of change even in the last three years, and it’s possible the Yeezy Desert Boots may make more of an impact when it drops later this month. Ye’s other sneaker boots, which have taken on an almost Balenciaga-like design language, may even be preferred by some. Those influences are absent here, however. Instead, the past-released silhouette reflects a militaristic aesthetic. Underfoot, rugged mesh and suede panels are paired with a rugged sole that is far more rugged than typical adidas Yeezy shoes.

Yeezy 1050 Boots

According to rumors, the 1050 will debut in December 2021 and will feature some of the same design language as the 950 and YEEZY BOOST 700 V2. As part of Ye’s “DONDA” roll-out, these shoes were accompanied by an all-red leather outfit that featured a zippered tongue shroud and one of YEEZY’s most intricate sole units yet. It may be hard to digest the orange colorway at first, but monochromatic styles are sure to gain traction in the coming months.

How Does the Yeezy Desert Boot fit?

Personally, I found that the Yeezy Desert Boot did not fit true to size. The Yeezy silhouettes I wear are usually a size 12, but these are a size 13 and they’re still a bit snug. To ensure a proper fit, I recommend sizing up by a whole size.

How comfortable is the Yeezy Desert Boot?

It can be uncomfortable to wear Yeezy Desert Boots if you choose the wrong size. However, if you choose a suitable size, you will find the boots extremely comfortable, which is surprising given the model’s rugged appearance.


The Yeezy Desert Boot is a modern, stylish, lightweight, extremely comfortable take on a performance boot – lightweight, stylish, and incredibly comfortable for extended wear. The bulky look of the Yeezy Desert Boot without the weight of a heavyweight boot is one of my favorite features.

I have been wearing the ‘Oil’ version of the Yeezy Desert Boot lately, one of many colorways. The colorway is in true Yeezy style, with an earthy hue that pairs well with modern pieces.